7 ways to create interest in Metallurgy

Think you have the the world’s worst professor?Think again.Now read.

1.The 4 notebook rule-A notebook for copying slides,A notebook for copying wikipedia,A notebook for tutorials and a notebook for quizzes.To show that he was serious he started even cross checking and marking the defaulters down.Now,Students will spend time writing metallurgy hehe.

2.NoT Sharing the slides-Turns out this professor fears something.The copyright infringement.By not sharing the slides he kills two birds with one stone.The students write notes and the lesser issue of copyright violation is solved too.Clever eh?Now,they will definitely,have to write notes.How can they not,i told them i am deducting marks if they dont. 

3.Presentation and group presentation-Groups presented topics outside the syllabus,working meticulously and with some enthusiasm.How does he spoil that?Puts the Presentation slides for the final exam after taking a quiz on it.The students have enthusiastically created the slides.Lets check their limits of enthusiasm by asking these in the tests.

4-Role playing-One sudden morning he decided to play the quiz master.Shooting questions at random students.Needless to say,it wasnt an easy sight.Last Night KBC was awesome,Maybe if i act like Amitabh Bachchan i can win the students over

5-public humiliation-Not pleased with student performance ,(His fault the paper was tough :X),he goes on to announce the marks,calls students at the dais and awards the answer sheets after a short lecture.Public humiliation always works.I read that in some book.

6-Tests-Well,they were tough.I mean even his TAs wouldn’t get all of them.For the first time in the history of education,he innovated negative marks for wrong definitions.Tough tests would make them feel ashamed and they will study hard.Haha

7-strict attendance-All of the above wouldnt be outrageous had he taught awesomely.But,he found a way to make up for that as well.The way his TAs took attendance was like taking roll call in prison.Like Accounting Gold bars.Haha,finally my 7 step plan complete,students you are trapped and so screwed *evil laugh* HAHAHAAHHA.

Wait,he isnt that bad though.

In his last class he came out as a good person,he announced that there would be grade penalty to students with less than 80% attendance,thats a relief,the other option XX was real bad,i wouldnt want to repeat this course again.ever.


Techfest Lecture Series:Jamie Gold

Update: Jamie is unable to come for techfest due to other commitments.Hopefully we might see him next year.


Television producer.                                                                                2006 world poker champion                                                            Talent agent.

A short introduction.

The man.Jamie Gold.A person of  multi versatile talents and a talent agent.No pun intended.Born in Dorothy’s city,Kansas.Moved to Manhattan and later to Paramus,New Jersey. He graduated from Paramus High School in 1987. He later earned a bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Albany in 1991, and studied entertainment law at UCLA.Gold began his career in the entertainment business at 16 as an intern at the J. Michael Bloom & Associates Talent Agency. He became a talent agentbefore he was 21, but soon moved into management/production. Gold’s clients have included Jimmy Fallon and Lucy Liu.

Jamie Gold champion of the World Series of poker,2006,has poker in his blood.Mother and Grandfather were keen poker players.Needless to say,he was into poker right from the start.while,working for an upcoming television show.He met Chris Moneymaker and Johnny Chan.Winners of the previous main event World series of Poker.The latter mentored Gold into poker.Lucky Gold eh?Thus began the frenzy.After participating in many tournaments,it was time for the Worlds.In the preceding 12 months Gold had seven more in the money finishes in California tournaments.He also perfected his strategy.His strategy a little unethical had been criticized and raised a storm of controversy.Nothing like a little publicity eh?.Nevertheless,he won the championship.As they say,everything is fair when it comes to poker.

This PokerLord now manages his entertainment company Buzznation,though he hasnt given up on poker,he has been a little less successful after 2006.

The important lesson:He is coming to techfest.Of course he wont give out his poker secrets.But there is always backstage.What say?Not too late to start poker is it?

Ps-He is also a talent agent(casting agent).You never know.you might be the next you-know-who.

Ps-This is a rip off of his wiki page.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamie_Gold

Why you shouldnt see Mere Brother ki dulhan?

It is a holiday and five of us decide to watch a movie.Deciding against the thriller girl in yellow boots we decided to go for the comicky Mere brother ki dulhan,and believe me after watching this i felt golmaal 3 should be winning the oscars.

Right from the start this movie was pathetic.And when i say pathetic thats sugar coating it.There were hardly any jokes,and the ones that were present were lame.The first half was unbearable,the second half a little less.And if you are going to see just the rockstar Katrina in the movie,its only for like 2 mins,and is one of the high points in the movie. All the “funny” scenes looked forced and the songs were ok-ok.Unlike the recent singham,ready,aarakhshan this movie fails at entertaining and the worst part,it is 2h 20 mins.

The item song was hot,katrina gyrating to the snake charmer’s music.But then again you dont have to watch the entire movie for that.do you?Do dhari talwaar yaar..!!

PS-the first half was so unbearable that i was physically banging my head against the front seat and performing harakiri with my umbrella.

Naruto sad songs

You dint deserve to die

Naruto.What makes naruto more special is its music.It is one of the most beautiful and the saddest piece of music i have heard.Here is a list of sad songs(not in order each one is equally beautiful)



2.man of the world-


4.Experienced many battles


6.jiraiya’s death – The saddest scene.

7.obito’s death theme

Top teen books (fiction)

We are unlucky to have lived under the shadow of the Dark Lord for a decade.As the curtains fall down to this glorious series,i began my search for something to fill the gap left by the boy who lived.

I am still searching,But on the way i have encountered a few good books.

Percy jackson and the olympians series(5 books) by Rick Riordan

If you liked the movie,you would go mad after reading the book.Unlike every movie which is based on a book,the movie is i-would-say hardly based on the book, to make it entertaining,but the book is still way better.And like the harry potter  its got a all teen lead cast with a  male protagonist and the side heroes played by the deadly but attractive annabeth(daughter of athena) and goofy satyr(half-goat half-human) grover.If you’d like a break from wizardry,try this story of adventure in modern greek mythology.

PS-By the same author sequelish edition of the above series has been released.The heroes of Olympus.I havent read it yet.But you should totally try it out.










Inheritance cycle-christopher paolini

Elves,dwarves,humans,evil king,Razac,dragons and DRAGON-RIDERS.In the times of evil,wicked powerful evil,The only hope lies with a boy.The Last free Dragon-rider.Eragon and his dragon Saphira.A truly awesome novel,with a huge twists and revelations,and the mother of all battles to free the land of evil and bring peace back to Alagesia.








Graceling by Kristin kashore

shiver in the spine?

Taking a break from male protagonists,we here have a female warrior blessed in the art of killing..or so she thinks.Stories about female warriors are so rare.So rare,infact  women are thought to be useless when it comes to fights physicale.This one though would twist your neck in a flash,if you so much as wink at her.

Currently i am reading The Wise man’s fear By Patrick Rothfuss.It is interesting.

Drop any book suggestions.I have heard The hunger games is good.Well,thats next on my list.

Top 5 IITB realities

IIT Bombay,haven of the elite students of the nation.Envied by all,adored by many and hated by some.

Now,walk down my path,the reality of IITB.

At NO. 5: Hostel Toilets

It all started with a lovely dream,

The alarm sprang at me with a scream,

walked i,

to answer nature’s call,

and pray tell me?

what do i see?

Rotting Shit in toilet no.1,

Fresh shit in  toilet no.2,

Alas,only two toilets for us twenty-two,

Tell me people what do i do?

ps: i wished to upload the pictures but couldn’t bring myself to do the dirty work.

At no. 4-Professors

All profs are knowledgeable.Most of the profs are good.Few are interesting,but once in a semester there comes

someone  who would not only kill your interest but also would make sitting in class attentively,mission impossible.

Of course,grades are but(t) screwed.

For instance: This semester,we’ve got a prof on a whole other level.He wont share the slides,scared of getting sued by another iit prof over copyright infringement but in the same breath asks us to download ebooks of an international author.He expects to write down his presentation and submit them before the weekend.Talk about going back to school.

At No.3-hostel rooms

To illustrate the condition .To hell with that.Just see for yourself.Quite un-astonishing-ly ,US prison cells  are larger than these rooms. 

Notice:a single table,what isnt in the picture is a single cupboard.A minute room for two.

At No. 2- IIT hospital

So,apparently this is what happened.One of my friends with a mild fever was diagnosed with pneumonia.

Moreover,they have the same sticky syrup for all kinds of sicknesses,which is pretty useless.ends up as food for ants.

My Room-mate was so fed up,he came up in the next semester with a big pouch full of medicines with a small diary to match the

sickness with medicine.Convenient isn’t it?

At No.1- The Mess food

The food along with being tasteless,also looks disgusting.I frankly cant identify the vegetables used except the carrots.Don’t read further if you are eating something right now.

All i see is a paste which totally resembles crap with bits of carrots sticking out.When i see mess food,i think of tuesdays.Thank You vodafone truly for dominos tuesday offers.

The day i pass out.I want people to congratulate me not for getting a degree,but for getting out alive from here.

Romance / Propose With Morse Code

save our souls SOS …  – – –  …

note: All the dashes are the same,the screen is acting funny :).

Transformers 2,Deception point and every other super spy novel has it.If you want to impress your friends or be the super spy,you would definitely want to learn this one.

Let me break it you,morse code is a simple,just dots and dashes.you heard me right.

Whats more to it,it can be relayed via sound,light,sms,paper.man,u name it.

sample morse code for A

Notice how the sound corresponds to the dot & dash given for A.

Now go to the love of your life,and propose with the morse code,super spy James Bond style.I am telling you she would fall for this one 🙂

Will u marry me   . – –  ..  .-..  .-..  / ..-  /  – –  .-  .-.  .-.  -.- –  / – – .

note: / symbol is used only to seperate the words.not a part of the code.

To get to the codes as well as the audio directly http://morsecode.scphillips.com/jtranslator.html

As of now you have only scratched the surface.Experiment,translate sentences and be cool.

For now,try understanding this one

– -.  . – / .-..  – – –  … – / .-  .-..  .-.  .  .-  -..  -.- –